The Chair for Industrial Sales and Service Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) embodies focal points of industrial sales, service, and innovation management in research and teaching at the highest international scientific level. Its interdisciplinary and application-oriented research activities combine technical and business management issues in the context of an increasing meaning of digitalization, networking, customer orientation, and tertiarization of industrial value creation. The chair’s research is characterized by a high international visibility as well as extensive third-party funding from national and European sources. Due to its interdisciplinary orientation, the chair promotes cross-faculty and inter-university collaborations. Worth mentioning examples here are the WorldFactory as well as the Research Centre for the engineering of Smart Product-Service Systems (ZESS).

Topics of Research

Topics of Research

Cornerstones of our Research

Contribution to Science: Understanding and Shaping Innovation, Sales, and Service Processes

  • Qualitative-Empirical Research
  • Action Research (change processes with interventions)
  • Design Research (developing supporting artifacts)
  • Analytical methods (Data Analytics)
  • Theoretical foundation

Contribution to Practice: Enhancing the Innovative Strength and Performance of the Manufacturing Industry

  • By supporting the development of innovative, digital, and service-oriented business models
  • By supporting the use of new technical possibilities (in sales and service provision)
  • Through coaching and creating new spaces of freedom
  • By supporting the implementation of improved innovation processes

Research Activities

  • Development of methods and tools for service engineering, in particular for the development of innovative smart services and smart product service systems (PSS) for the manufacturing industry,
  • Development of methods and tools to support the sale of complex service bundles consisting of capital goods and services,
  • Development of business analytics concepts for sales controlling and operational management of industry-related services,
  • Analysis and design of changing working environments in technical sales and the provision of industry-related services as a result of increasing digitalization.

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