Current Projects

  • PersonA—Privacy management system for personalized assistance systems in production and service
    The goal of the joint project PersonA is to develop a privacy management system for personalized assistance systems. The requirement for the overall system to be developed is on the one hand that it enables personalized digital assistance in production and service processes. On the other hand, the legal conformity in general and the privacy of the personnel must be protected.

  • retrosmart—Smart service retrofits for maximum availability of machines and plants
    The research project retrosmart aims at developing a procedure which enables companies to implement smart service business models for their outdated industrial plants and machinery. The principal starting point for this undertaking is the Smart-Service-Retrofit approach. It allows the project participants to subsequently upgrade already existing industrial plants and machinery with hardware and software components to make them suitable for industry 4.0 and thus prepare them for tomorrow’s Smart-Service-World.

Finished Projects

  • DETHIS—Design Thinking for Industrial Services
    The objective of DETHIS—Design Thinking for Industrial Services—is to sustainably increase the innovation capability of SMEs which offer industrial services. This is why an adapted Design Thinking approach, a toolbox for methods and a supporting platform is developed within the project for especially focusing industrial services.